Supporting organisations, groups and individuals to bring about meaningful change.

A just and fair society depends on people working creatively, collaboratively and respectfully together. Through training programmes, mentoring and coaching sessions, my work supports charities, voluntary groups and individuals whose prime motive is to profit society.

How I help

Every piece of training, coaching or mentoring is uniquely different.

I delve into what is really needed and put in place motivational sessions that get to the root of your core issues. I bring an energy and interactive style, honed by a mix of top level experience and post-graduate studies in community education, holistic health and professional coaching.

Through mentoring and coaching programmes I have

Provided 100s of communities with the means and motivation to attract the resources they need to achieve their vision.

Worked with scores of voluntary Boards of nonprofits. Inspiring them to self-evaluate and transform their team spirit to achieve their cherished goals.

Brought 100s of communities together during the pandemic and stimulating them to be ready and able to adapt to huge operational challenges.

Helped multiple communities and voluntary groups to design their own future in an open, transparent and democratic manner.

Through mentoring and coaching programmes I have

Accompanied many people who, for some reason have lost belief in themselves to regain their true spirit and go on to life a far more fulfilling life.

Coached senior managers to not just cope with many pressures, but to become inspiring leaders in their organisations.

Helped individuals to connect the jigsaw pieces of their lives, looking at themselves differently and with more compassion.

Built confidence in scores of people and advising them in setting up, or expanding their own social or private enterprise.


  • Building Team Dynamics
  • Ideas Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Enterprise Management
  • Funding Plans/Strategy
  • Developing Effective Boards
  • Risk Management
  • Policy Development

“Liam is very knowledgeable and is clearly an expert in his field, he can read the room very well and adapts his sessions to suit his audience.”

“Liam’s openness to interacting with participants is very respectful and facilitates learning from the experience of others attending the session.”

“Liam’s breadth of knowledge and expertise were greatly appreciated by the participants along with his skills as a facilitator.”

“He is a wealth of knowledge in terms of policies for our organisation which is complex from a charity point of view.”

“Whenever our board feels like we have a challenging governance matter, Liam is our first point of call for sage and objective advice.”

Who I am

Over the past decade I have specialised in the voluntary sector, working with over 2,000 organisations who have benefitted from training, coaching, facilitation, guidance, strategic planning, performance evaluation and all aspects of governance support.

My background includes CEO of a successful social enterprise for 11 years and of a government development agency as well as been a keen activist and advocate for the voluntary sector and a volunteer director on Boards of management for over 30 years.