Inspiring People

Coaching empowers people to discover insights and inspiration that may transform their lives and their work.

Through coaching I support individuals who are often in pressured, senior executive roles. First hand experience of being in similar roles enables me to bring a true understanding of challenges people may be facing.

Coaching sessions are about the whole person and while my coaching methods follow many of the well trusted professional coaching models I also drawn from my additional training in holistic therapy to enhance the experience for the people I work with.

You will leave sessions looking forward to new ideas to try out and new measures to take.

“As a CEO I find that he is able to understand the company strategically. This has resulted in outcomes where personal goals and organisational goals are in line.”

“I can honestly say that the coaching sessions I have had with Liam have been truly transformational.”

Three Levels of Understanding

I have designed the ‘Three Levels of Understanding’ approach that underpins our coaching sessions. You move at a pace that is comfortable for you.


We can start on the level of “information” where you tell me information about yourself or what has been happening.


We can move to the level of “meaning” where we explore what that information can mean in your personal life or in what you do.


We can, if you wish, move to the level of “feeling” where we get to how this effects your whole being and the feelings that pass through you each day.

Prospects and Progression

To help you progress here are some features that you may experience from me in our coaching sessions:

  • Bringing clarity to what can be vague information, meaning or feelings or intentions.
  • Affirming you almost as your best friend might and also challenging you gently where needed.
  • Discovering patterns to what is happening which can sometimes lead you to surprising insights.
  • Coming up with new steps forward that you feel are realistic.
  • Lifting the veil and opening you up to prospects you may not have realised before.
  • I will want to clarify with you what you want to achieve and that depends entirely on you.
  • You may find yourself answering curious questions that help you explore and discover, what is really going on.
  • I will be very attentive – listening, observing, being supportive and completely non-judgmental.
  • You may find yourself talking about what happens at home, at work or what is going on in your head or your deeper emotions, though never revealing anything you feel unready to reveal.
  • I will sometimes summarize what I hear perhaps prompting you to reach some surprising new insights and possibilities.

You will leave the session, looking forward to new ideas to try out, new measures to take.

Inspiring Stories

I coach individual executives across a range of Government Departments and agencies. The focus is to enable them to function more effectively in their role as managers and to foster their own self-awareness and development.

This is an extract from a Principal Officer in one of the Departments.

“I have had 6 sessions with Liam over the course of approximately nine months. During that time, we have covered my personal motivation, the management of my own teams and more recently, we have been focusing on the management of my vertical relationships.

I can honestly say that the coaching sessions I have had with Liam have been truly transformational. It is difficult to describe their effect precisely in words, all I can say is that each time we have met I seem to have undergone a subtle shift that has me coming away feeling lighter, brighter and more sure of myself, at what has been a particularly challenging time in my career (heading up a new division, responsible for, amongst other things, a substantial part of the Department’s response to Brexit).

Liam always follows up each session with a summary of what he has heard me say, something that I find very useful to return to, as a touchstone, again and again. He is very supportive, and I have to say I have had absolutely no trouble being completely open with him. In my experience the more open and honest I am, the more I get out of the sessions.

Liam also coached me on the completion of an application for promotion. Again, I have to say, I came away from that session with a completely different understanding of what was required, and most importantly a clear understanding of the gap between the application I had prepared, and what would be needed to be successful at that level.

At the same time that Liam has been coaching me, I have, just by chance, also been coached by a coach provided by my own Department. That coach is very experienced, and whilst I have found those sessions very useful also, for me, Liam is just operating at a different level. ”

I coach social enterprise leaders and their teams. In this case I coach the CEO of a co-operative and then on occasion the whole team has “away days” where I facilitate her senior management mainly to review business strategy and their role in implementing it.

The extract below from a reference by its CEO describes the content involved.

“Liam Scollan has been engaged as a coach and facilitator to our company since 2015. During that time he has been an executive coach for senior management and has coached/facilitated the senior management team as a group on several occasions.

Western Forestry Co-operative is a company established over 30 years with shareholders composed of some of the country’s largest agriculture co-operatives including Aurivo, Lakeland Dairies, LacPatrick and Kerry Co-operative. Liam has worked with both myself as CEO and with a senior management team of four executives. From the start we have been delighted with Liam’s work.

At a group level he has proven to be an expert facilitator. He is a keen listener and observer and tends to focus initially on clarifying exact objectives for each session but with myself as CEO and with the team. He has run both half-day and full-day sessions. He engages all staff equally, encourages much output by breaking us into groups, or allowing personal reflection or setting relevant tasks that are thought provoking and productive. I note that he also prepares the session room very well, creating an ambiance, sometimes through such props as music, pictures and relevant motivational statements when appropriate.”

Evidence of success

“At our most recent group coaching session the team came away with powerful motivation, insights and new revised goals for the organisation.

Some of this had involved considerable change of policy for some participants and Liam was able to get everyone to reach a consensus and bond even stronger as a team around these goals.

Liam’s own experience as a CEO and leader also makes him a very credible presence in the room. He is able to relate the work of the team to real examples from elsewhere and his own experience.

As a CEO I find that he is able to understand the company strategically. This has resulted in outcomes where personal goals and organisational goals are in line.”